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China communication industry standard of vehicle detection and repair equipment Preface
281 Hits  Issue date:3/28/2014

In order to adapt to China's motor vehicle test and repair equipment and tools for the preparation and industry plan, statistics,census, scientific research work of information processing and exchange of information needs, this standard applies to vehicle detection and repair equipment and tools classification principle, coding method and classification code, so as to the motor vehicle inspection repair industry product set unified method for classification and code of rules.

This standard by the Chinese automobile warranty equipment industry association.

This standard by the Ministry of transportation highway management department in charge.

The standard drafting units: China Automobile warranty equipment industry association.

The main drafters of this standard: process lines, Zhao Kuiguang.

1 range

This standard applies to motor vehicle inspection repair of specialization and special equipment and tools classification andcode.

This standard applies to motor vehicle inspection repair equipment industry plan, statistics, census, scientific research work ofinformation processing system and the system of information exchange.

2 reference standard

The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this standard. In thestandard publishing, all the editions are effective. All standards are subject to revision, using the standard parties should explore, following the use of the latest version of the possibility.

GB 918.1-89 classification and code for road

GB 6477.1-86 terminology for metal-cutting machine tools -- Basic terminology

Classification and coding of GB 10113-88 general terminology

3 principles of classification

According to the standards of vehicle detection and repair equipment and tools are characterized using method of linear classification, divided into categories and subcategories.

Categories to vehicle detection and repair equipment and tools use division; small class according to the use function of the product, the design principle and structure characteristics of the comprehensive factors such as the division of. Small class of large class of extension and thinning.

4 coding method

This standard with letters and words hybrid hierarchical coding method. Type a letter code, a small class of two digit code.Category code can be used alone, small class code must be with large class code combination. Programming code emptycode alternate.

This standard refers to a vehicle according to the regulation according to GB918.1.

This standard refers to the specialized and special equipment and tools of meaning with reference to GB 6477.1 1.3 and 1.4rules.

This standard for classification and coding of general terms in accordance with GB 10113.

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